Crecy la Chapelle

Entrée de Crécy la Chapelle

Crecy la Chapelle Village

Crecy -la-Chapelle is a very nice little town, surrounded and crossed by water channels. It is the reason that Crecy-la-Chapelle is called "The Venice of the Brie". It is indeed located in the country of Brie, the same name that the famous brie cheese that is produced and sold nearby.
Visit Crecy-la-Chapelle to discover : the old streets (several movies filmed here), a wonderful Collegiate Church of the thirteenth century , a course related to famous painters (see below).

La Vallée des Peintres

The painters valley

Crecy -la-Chapelle is located in the Grand Morin valley has attracted many famous painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries because of its very special brightness. The places have inspired many paintings of French painters, but also American and Japanese painters, of various painting schools (classical, Impressionist ... ). Several courses dotted with representative panels allow, on foot or by car, to explore these places and paintings that were painted them (see route maps below).